Our Founder & The Sock Explorer: Ben Pain

Since an early age I have been in and around the manufacturing of socks and hosiery, whilst working there in the summer holidays until the day I formally joined the family sock business.

During this time, I have learnt an understanding of what it takes to make a good quality sock which will last the test of time.

This knowledge has enabled me to ensure every sock we purchase, and sell is made to our exacting standards using the finest Italian sock machines.

during the past 15 years I have travelled all over the world searching for the best socks from the most reliable suppliers.

The socks I am selling have been personally selected by myself as they meet the highest JEMSOX standards and will last every customer the test of time.


I am so confident in the quality that each sock comes with a LIFE TIME WARRANTY* *(as long as the care instructions are followed)

As I travel around the world and visit new factories, I will gradually add to the socks sold by JEMSOX after they have passed our rigorous 12-point wearer trail test.


I hope you enjoy the socks.


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